Friday, 8 September 2017


For literacy the last few weeks my group has been learning about Michelangelo's art's.


 He was born on the 6th of march 1475 in Anchiano, Italy.
       Michelangelo died in 1564 and because he had a slow fever.
       His body was taken to Florence and buried at Santa Croce. He like's to use blue brown white green red yellow and light pink. Michelangelo's is widely regarded as the most famous artist of Italian Renaissance. Among his works are the "David" and "pieta" statues and the Sistine chapel frescoes.
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Monday, 26 June 2017

seamus's master numeracy thinkboard

Here is my work that i did. my Walt is about learning subtraction using place value.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Seamus Grey Main School key com certificate


I received a key com certificate because I was developing independent work habits in literacy and numeracy!
I like doing literacy and numeracy i think numeracy is fun because you have to do maths buddy witch i'm really good at and i'm pretty good at literacy as well as numeracy.

Top Team Games

On Monday the whole School did Top Team games There were numbers for groups and my group number was twenty-eight and our team colour was blue. My teams first game was a water ball activity. Then we did chucking gumboots into the middle of the circle.  Top team games was kind of fun but it was cold.

Seamus 40BC

Title: Diary of a Super Swimmer.
Illustrator: By SALLY HEINRICH.
Genera: fiction
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This story is about a kid could MARCUS and he can't swim and he saves his little sister who can't swim either. MARCUS joins a swimming group but hes not good but then Gemma teaches him how to swim and that's how he saved his sister.

I rate this book four out of five.

I think this  book should be for kids aged eight to ten.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Numeracy Reflection Term 1 Week 10


This week for numeracy we have been learning to solve addition problems by jumping the number line.  I was able to do this strategy first go so it is easy to use to solve maths adding problems.  You should try it.

Kawa Of Care

Here is my kawa of care post.
This week the Year fives made a kawa of care post about our Chromebooks.  I learnt not to eat or drink near your Chromebooks.  I also learnt right place, right time, doing the right thing online!